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When you are playing live do you use different equipment and/or setups than when you are playing at home or recording?

I would assume that when playing at home you would not have the amp cranked that loud, so do you use separate amps?

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20 years ago..marshall 50watt 4x12cab miked up with a 5 piece rock band ( mainstream )
now..laptop with backings ( never mind ) zoom9150 12 channel mixer EV zx5a speakers ( amazing )
male/female vocalist

i use the zoom or marshall for recording..depends but mainly the zoom ...volume levels arnt an issue
..theres no speakers involved...in any case if youve got the revalver you should be able to get the  cranked up  sounds with that

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Re: Your Live Setup

Sounds good - so mainly are you just playing covers these days with just you and a singer?

Yes I am very Pleased with the Revalver, certainly for recording. What you hear is what gets recorded which makes life so much easier! I look over at my Marshall amps and do feel a little bit sorry for them. I am sure in a live environment the Marshalls, cranked, will be much better for me, but at the moment, as I don't play live, the Revalver suits me perfectly!