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Topic: Peavey vypyr 75


Peavey Vypyr 75 Bought Musicians center Keighly £280

It features 12amp models, 11 stompboxes, and 11 effects. It's an open back and it's got a 12" blue marvel speaker. It also has a high quality usb port so you can record directly on to you computer and a studio headphone jack. It's the 35mm, so your mp3 headphones will fit. And of course it's got a volume knob which goes up to 13. There's also a power sponge but to my ears is invective at Low volumes.

It most be noted, I've never heard each of the amps themselves so I can't say if the models are spot on, but for what its worth they all sound good. Each amp model has a clean and dirty channel. There's pre-gain, post-gain, lows, mids, and highs. Very customizable.

With the stompboxes, you can tap the "effects" button and determine how much wah or overdrive you want in your sound. Again, very customizable.

The amp also has 12 preset channels, so if you find a sound you like you can save it.

According to my mate it as a pretty authentic tube sound, way closer than Line 6 pod Farm when put though powered speakers. I don't know how tube it sounds so I am relaying on mate for this information. 

The amp can be updated on-line, thought a MIDI? connection on the back. It does not update though the USB input which I find strange.

The only critizem I can find is the noise gate is a pain in the arse, although Peavey claim there is an update online which fixes this problem.

Overall, this is an excellent amp. I think it is a touch poor that Peavey do not provide a footcontroller or at least offer one at a cheaper price. There are features on the amp   like the looper and wah that can't be used w/o it. For the Sanpera foot controller you're looking at £65 for the Sanpera I and £135 for the Sanpera II

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