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Hello all,

I have been playing guitar for approx. 10-11 years.  However only in the last 2-3 years have i been getting really involved in my rig sound.  Now i know its a hard topic, as this is something you just need to have experiance at.  So i am hoping most of you on here can help me out.

I have 6 month old Marshall head and cab a jcm tls 2000.  Now i love the sound of the marshall as it has alot of low end.  The only problem i have is that i cant get enough punch out of it.  Seeing as i am no longer using active pick ups.  I now have seymour duncans in my guitar, which give me a nice rounded beefy sound, but as soon as i do any tremelo or metal esq guitar playing i miss out on that punchy metal tone.

I want to be able to have the best of both worlds in my amp.  Any suggestions on how i can really define my amp sound, via pedals, racks etc?

Any suggestion would be appreciated.



Re: Defining your amp sound

...this is way too subjective to give a meaningful answer... is trial and error... and sometimes, sheer luck!

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Re: Defining your amp sound

default/tongue  default/tongue ITS BLOODY EXPENSIVE ALSO

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