Topic: football ( UK )

football is the no.1 game..period...............its the biggest
money spinner of all sports ....the life and death of clubs depends on
results..good why should the destiny of a football club / business
be decided on by third party human error/incompetence ( ie referees )..isn't it about time
in this multi million pound profession that technology be employed ( ie the 'third referee' )
and let common sense prevail uses it with the complete acceptance of the
punters ...and its never questioned

just a thought ....players make some tremendous ( laughable ) cock ups
referees make tremendous cock ups ...but not many laughs come from them ..erm

i wonder how many git players are football fans ????????? 99.9%+

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Re: football ( UK )

I don't watch the football any more....With been half Yorkshire man half Lancashire man.. I found myself committing acts of hooliganism on myself when ever Leeds Played Manchester City......  default/neutral  default/neutral  default/neutral  default/neutral

Although I was over joyed when City won the title last season.....

But with me living in Leeds all my life I suppose I am A Leeds fan at hart....Never mind technology Lets get the Footballers acting like there men....I think there a bunch of over paid pussys....Just look at what a rugby league player goes though and gets up starts playing again..


And my favarote sporting clip on you tube.....


Not only did Great Britain Smash the Aussis up in the game they did in the fight..

Notice at about 4.30 Shaun Long for GB with head bandaged, he had six stables in a cut done at the touch line to stop it bleeding so he could go back out and play.. Footballers  default/lol  default/lol  default/lol  default/lol  default/lol 

The Bloke in the fight for GB is Jamie Peacock......he plays for Leeds and is one of only a few Rugby League Players that have been given honers from the Queen..His was for services to splatting big numb Australians default/big_smile  default/big_smile  default/big_smile  default/big_smile  default/big_smile  default/big_smile

Imagine if the words of Imagine ever came true.....

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Re: football ( UK )

Don't you guys call it "soccer"

I understand now in America it is catching on. As a kid I never heard of soccer. America is anti-unAmercian sport minded people.

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