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What do you guys usually do for warm-ups? Do you do scales, arpeggios? I should really start working on my scales and arpeggios to increase my skill.


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He is pretty good! I like his style too. And is that his voice??? If so, he has incredible vocal chords as well.


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I have never written my own songs before. I wish I had the talent to write them but alas, I do not.


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Happy New Year's everybody! I hope all of you had a good 2007 and will have an even better 2008!


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I've found www.ultimate-guitar.com to be a good resources for tabs online. They are internet tabs submitted by anybody but when you're first learning a new song they come in real handy.


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Has anybody used any online lessons to learn specific techniques? I've always wondered if they were useful or not. There are so many that it's hard to know where to start.

Anybody know of any good lessons?


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What songs did you guys learn when you were just starting out on guitar? Finding songs that are at my level is really hard for me for some reason. I was hoping somebody might be able to suggest some.

Does anyone have suggestions on some easy songs for a beginner? Maybe the first one you learned?


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I've never even thought of looking for a tuner online. I have perfect pitch so I don't usually even use a regular tuner but this is a great idea for someone who doesn't have anything else to go by. Sure, it doesn't tell you when your's is in tune but most people can get it tuned pretty good by hearing the note.

The first link has a metronome too! That's a brilliant idea in itself. Metronomes are one of the greatest things invented for music learning. A metronome is a must for every musician. I'm going to bookmark that page...


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Learning all the keys is very important if you ever plan on playing with other musicians. They can be difficult to remember some times but they are good to know.

As to finding the key of a song. Do what everybody else has said. Look at the first and last chords of the song. Almost every song will start or end with will be the key that it is written in.


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Okay. Let me try here. I don't know much about it but I can try to get the basics of it across.

First of all, it is also called an applied dominant. Just a random fact. Basically, if this makes sense, it is the dominant of the different degrees (II through VI) of a scale.

A diatonic C scale has six basic chords. These are C Major (I), d minor (II), e minor (III), F Major (IV), G Major (V) and a minor (VI). The dominant chord in the key of C is the fifth chord, G Major. But each of the chords from II - VI have their own dominants. For example, the sixth chord, a minor, has a dominant chord of e minor. Likewise, the third chord, e minor, has a dominant of b minor.

Since these chords are not part of the key of C, because they contain notes that are not part of the C Major scale, they are called secondary dominants.

As to the use of secondary dominants in music... I don't exactly know. I do know that they are used to make different harmonies but past that I couldn't tell you. I hope that makes sense...


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Last movie I watched was National Treasure II. It wasn't bad for a sequel. There was a little too much stuff that was a little unrealistic (kidnapping the President?). But if you can get past that, it was pretty good.


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I've been fiddling around with it since I was about 13 but really haven't gotten serious until about a year ago. I haven't taken any lessons and have been teaching myself just like my dad taught himself.

I hope to keep playing for the rest of my life.


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Looks awesome! I wish I was that friend! I think they will be more than pleased.


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Spammers are the worlds worst evil... Well, not quite. But just the same I hate them as well.

Just a little verification at the beginning is a small price to pay for no spam.


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I've never used Guitar Pro before. I've always wondered what it was like and if people liked it. I have always just used Power Tab because it's free! It isn't the greatest however.

I should think about giving Guitar Pro a try.


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tabs from net can give u a base to proceed they r never accurate
try ultimate guitar tabs

I agree. I use the tabs at ultimate-guitar.com all the time. Sure, they aren't always accurate but they give me a base to go off of. I always end up changing things around to make it easier/sound better but they can be a good starting point for learning a song. Especially for a beginner.


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Does anyone have any chord progressions that they like to play? I like to try to figure out different progressions to help with my chord transitions but I'm no good at it. I thought that maybe somebody here could help out...


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A whopping $1!!! I've had only that one dollar for a long time too. I wonder how much longer I can keep it...


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What free time? default/smile

I enjoy doing lots of stuff. Usually I'm surfing the internet, playing with my dog, playing some instrument. I also like running and mountain biking. Any one of those can take up a whole day or at least half a day in and of itself.


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Ah, yes. Christmas time is the time to dream! My dream would be to play a duet with Tommy Emmanuel. He is my favorite guitarist and it would be the coolest thing ever to play a duet with him.

Keep dreaming... default/smile


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How many of you guys play another instrument besides the guitar? For myself I play piano, violin, viola and cello. I don't practice all of them everyday but I still like to keep up my skills on each of them whenever I can.

How about you guys?


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Does anybody have some good tips for getting good sounding hammer on's and pull off's? I can't seem to get a good sound from them, especially the pull off's.

What about online lessons? Are there any good ones related to this subject?


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I don't have any particular tips to playing arpeggios but I can tell you that it is VERY important if you want to become a good guitarist. It helps with your finger agility and speed and your picking.


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As olly said, guitarists are lucky to have the tabs. They provide an easy way for those who don't have any sort of musical history to learn how to play the guitar. However, I think that everyone should at least learn how to read notes fairly well. This will help tremendously when playing with other people.

The fact that you can also sightread a song that you've never heard before is really attractive to me. I love to site down with my guitar, slap a book (with notation) down and just start playing. It gives you everything you need because the tempo, styles (like bending notes, turns, etc.) are all built within the notes.

I'd encourage you to give it a try. What's the worst that could happen? default/smile


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I'm a beginner guitarist but absolutely loves the guitar. I've always picked at my dad's guitar and finally bought my own. I can't wait to learn how to play better from this forum.

Music is something I can't go a day without. I'm playing one of my instruments every day.