Topic: The Boss DS-1

How many people use this pedal? And which version do you have?

I have had both the Taiwanese DS-1, the JP DS-1 and the Keeley DS-1 - the one I still use is the Jap DS 1 simply because it sounds nicer. SEcond fav is the Keeley

I have heard that there is an older Jap DS-1 that is mean to sound better?

Be interested to know.

Re: The Boss DS-1

Man whats the difference between this manufacturers? ANd why do people use them as they alter the qualtiy of the sounds if the effects does not match the song. What do you think?

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Re: The Boss DS-1

The difference is the ability to get the right tone. Both pedals adjust the same but one is smooth and lovely and the other is much more coarse and harsh sounding.

Sure you have to fit an effect to the song but distortion is widely used in all kinds of songs from soft pop to heavy metal.