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Nice list you have there Jester! You've seen most of the cool bands.


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$240 is okay! default/tongue

I'm doing great just a little sleepy. LOL I just woke up. default/tongue


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I listen to my favorite FM show every morning but Rihanna's on my playlist.

Just keep in mind that you won't master everything in one day. It takes a lot of time and patience.


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Oh yes Roxette has wonderful songs! Thanks for suggesting that. default/smile


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I'm not really into rock concerts but the BEST concert I've been to was Mariah Carey's when she went here in the Philippines. I got one of the front seat tickets so I was really excited about the show. Best thing is it was my birthday, too.  default/tongue


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Hmm this is hard as I don't really have a favorite Christmas movie. I love all Christmas movies since you only get to watch them during the Christmas season.


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It's always nice to see new members here. Welcome to the forum Desire! default/smile


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Don't have much either.  :?

I used to like the Spice Girls, they were so cool back then. I remember dancing with their hit songs. LOL! I would like to watch them in concert. default/smile

I don't rip mp3s either as they can easily be downloaded from the net if you know where to find them..  default/tongue But Nero is the program I use to burn mp3s and videos.


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Thanks for the suggestions! Will check them out! default/smile


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I usually stay home and browse the net. If I am in the mood to read then I read my books. Sometimes I play with our dogs, I also watch DVDs.


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Heya nursehk! Welcome to the forum! default/smile

We're truly enjoying our stay here, hope you too!


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I've just seen Bratz - Super Babyz. LOL I watched it with my nieces and nephews. The Bratz Babyz are cute and funny.  default/big_smile


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Woah! Sounds good! I'm getting excited already. LOL! We can use great avatars, too! default/tongue


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Oh you have a piano? Wish I have one, I always wanted one but we can't afford it. default/sad

I don't think there's a right time to practice as long as you're free to play with your guitar then play with it. The more time you have to spend practicing the better chance you will be good at it.


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Yes, I am looking for songs that can be played in a wedding but it should be in rock genre since that's what was asked of me. LOL! Weird couple! default/tongue


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I was introduced to guitars at a very young age because my brothers will play all day and night but I wasn't really playing it. I was just there to watch them play with their bands. I tried learning when I was 15 cos I got really envious at those cool chicks who can play with it. LOL!


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Welcome to Guitar Forums, Paul! You've found the right place to learn tips and tricks about guitars. The admin and some members here are good strummers just keep browsing and posting! default/smile


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He must have influenced some of the best guitarists we have now and will continue to influence the young and new players in the future.  default/smile


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How young were you when you started playing your guitar? Did you start at a very young age? How did it go?


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I was just wondering if we can use a guitar based template here, that would be cool! default/smile

Anyway, I'm sure it needs a lot of customization it was just an idea. default/smile


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Do you guys know some rock songs for wedding? I know this is weird but I was asked the same question but I can't think of any right now. I thought of sharing it here to get some ideas.  :?