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Not jammy, my wife is fully supportive of my bussiness, and buys me at least 1 guitar a year.


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She can only afford 1 a year. Thats why i have to build my own. default/hmm

Got it tuned to open G, and having lots of sliding blues fun.


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Ain't she a beauty....And so is the Wife.



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Like i said, a bidding war! LOL. default/big_smile


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Sweet guitar, i think we would have a bit of a bidding war on that one. lol.


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Sweet find, well done James.


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Heres a couple of pix taken before i finished filling in the trem routing.



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jamesd74 wrote:

Strange that Arthur, my mate who has played in many band says "bass players are always the best looking ones who get the girls"

I need to start playing bass...

I have played Guitar, Bass and Drums in bands, the girls have never flocked around me...or even given me the time of day......................perhaps i should have a shower.


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alun wrote:

Mine was a 1961 Black Beauty, it had massive frets and a neck like a baseball bat, sounded brilliant, but I just didn't gel with it, I only kept it for a couple of years then sent it off down the road,  default/sad
I'm far happier with my Telecaster,  default/smile That's a keeper for sure.

That was a nice guitar, and i was chuffed when you said you prefered my Epiphone Black Beauty. Has Ricky still got your old Gibson?


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jamesd74 wrote:

Ricky...ant news on the 12 string?????

Yup the body is shite. It has a couple of splits in the body, so i have counter sunk a couple of screws in it and filled the holes. I have also filled in the trem routes as i want to use a hard tail bridge. all that is done and everything is ready for an undercoat. it has taken a month to sort the body, but now i can press on. The neck seems good, and now all the gold hardware is assembled, it is just a matter of painting and assembly. Should be finished by August or there abouts.

I started playing the guitar because i was sick of being the drummer. default/wink

alun wrote:



I'll have spam, spam, spam, spam spam, spam, chips and spam, and easy on the spam.


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Me either, although i do have an Ibanez Artecore jazz box in spalted maple........the wife bought me that one. default/big_smile


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Try bare Knuckles, great pickups, marred only by their price, but worth it.


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Yeah it takes forever to harden, which is why i am gonna either go with acrylic, or nitro for my 12 string strat project. You can reckon on about 3 months for enamel to really harden off to a solid finish.


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I have used enamel on my last 2 projects.


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Nearly 3 months in the making, but it is now complete and it looks great, sounds great, and plays great, took me a couple of hours to set it up perfect, but worth every minute, to get it playing the way i like it.
I bought everything off eBay, mostly from a company in Hong Kong, apart from bridge, tuners, knobs and pots, which i found in America. I spent as little as i could, to find out if i could build a halfway decent guitar for as little money as possible. It's all turned out better than i hoped. Body was sprayed with a white undercoat, then silver, and then a metallic blue, and finished with a glass lacquer. That is what took all the time, the painting..... Anyways here are some pix for your perusal.








polyal wrote:

satisfaction by the stones would never have happened if it wasn't for the " fuzz box "
loads of epic riffs have been created using FX.....for an electric git player some sort of
' colouration ' will always inspire creativity ....but a nice sounding acoustic can also be very inspiring in its own right...so if a sound plucks the right strings ..use it

It's a case of whatever floats your boat, for as said before, effects get in the way, when i am being creative i prefer clean sounds, and i imagine what effects maybe needed to work with the mood and sound i want to produce. As said, works for me.

No, effects may in some cases enhance what i am doing but they do not give me anymore creativity. When i am writing, or just playing with ideas i prefer to play clean, so i can hear exactley what i am about. i may add ideas as to what effects i may want to use, but only after i have i clear vision of what i want.


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The capacitors in your link are black. Are these the ones you are talking about, and do you post to Australia.

jamesd74 wrote:

What year where the JHS vintage????

They have according to reviews got better since Trev Wilkinson got involved and all production has moved to China from Vietnam. 
He started around 2006...

I will have to say of the dozen that have come through my hands, none were past 2006, and they don't sell Vintage in Australia. However i have come across Encore here, but they are still as bad as ever, Any idea which factory the Vintage comes out of, as most guitar factorys seem to be pretty generic, and produce the same guitar for many brand names.

I have had a few Vintage (JHS) guitars through my hands, i i have to say i have found them wanting to say the least. From twisted necks, poor routing, bad finish, and sharp fret ends, and like it's sister guitar the Encore, just generally an all round poor guitar. The same can be said for the cheaper end of the market Epiphones, like the Special, but if you are gonna compare them to the Epiphones like the Standard, or Custom, then Epiphones win hands down. You get what you pay for at the end of the day, but if pushed i would still take a Special, over any Vintage guitar. default/big_smile


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great to see this one has another outing, always liked this one.


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What concerns me is that it is hurting the tips of your fingers. How high is your action.


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Not a big fan of the Les Paul, but i suppose it's ok for the price. Trouble with cheap guitars is you never know what you are gonna get for the price, so try before you buy.
I have not heard of this make before, are they an offshoot of another company? i do know of the Australian company Paul Sheridan, that makes expensive classical guitars.

Before you settle on this guitar, try out as many different makes as you can for around the same price, and then decide.


Just found this

Sheridan Guitars les paul custom a200 distributed by the Westfield Guitar Co
Chinese made.I had to send 2 back and get a refund.Numerous flaws and issues.
The worst being you cannot screw the bridge down far enough to get an action below 4/64ths.Total design fault of neck and body relation.Loads of uneven frets causing buzzing regardless of a good set up.Its looks ok but thats where the similarity ends when it pretends to be a playable instrument.
Purchased mine from Intersales Music Kettering in the UK they said they set it up.I have been doing set ups for years and the guitars had never been touched.Always try guitars before you buy even if you have to pay a premium at your local shop its a lesson we should always learn.I will never buy online.

http://www.mylespaul.com/forums/other-l … -a200.html

With a little more research i have found that Sheridan are owned by Westfield, a rather poor made for the British market Chinese guitar. If a Westfield is anything to go by, do not touch the Sheridan with a bargepole. If you want cheap badly made, poor sounding guitars, you won't get any better than a Westfield..............................well apart from an Encore.