Good luck with your venture!


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Sorry for the late reply but welcome!


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It is a good idea!


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Yes this is what happens when you leave!


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Hey Mikey - long time no see!

How have you been?

As you can see, the forum has pretty much died now!

What has been going on with you?



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Hey John

Good to hear from you! Glad to hear you are well.

To say things are quiet here is an understatement Poly! I thought the forum had died completely! Hope all is well with you!



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Hi Cody

Your playing is really good. I would love to be able to tap in the fluid manner you achieve!

The actual tune was enjoyable as well.

Can you advise what equipment you used to record it?



I know the basics of chord progressions but I was watching some guy on youtube and rather than playing standard chords he was using extended chords like #5,  add9, min7, maj7 etc and it sounded so much nicer than plain chords.

Whilst I know how to play a minor or major7 chord that is where my knowledge stops and I rarely use them.

Can anyone suggest any chord progressions that utlise these extended chords and also advise how you go about learning to integrate them as part of your daily playing?


I have been getting more and more interested in music production.

A long while back I bought a MIDI controller. It consists of about 2 octaves of keys and a load of knobs. I thought it would be good for laying down drum beats etc.

I think it does serve that purpose but I have no idea what all the other knobs and dials would be used for. Also I find the keyboard way too small to be of any use when trying to play any VST instruments.

So I have now bought a 61 key keyboard which only has the pitch bend and keys.

Am I missing the main point of the MIDI controller? It is more designed for other music types and what should I be controlling with all the dials?


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Excellent James - how is it all going now?


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Welcome to the forum!!

I know this has happened in Seattle but is there other places in the US that are decrimilising it?

Really good.

I love Game of Thrones and hearing this just makes me look forward to the next series even more!


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Don't panic! That is what lessons are for!

I always find that, no matter how long you put the guitar down for, it doesn't take long for it to all come flooding back - you might just be a little rusty to start!

Fair play for getting lessons and good luck - let us know how it goes!



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Your presenting style is very good. Nice and clear and easy to understand!

The modes are one of those aspects that I am still, nearly ten years on, struggling to grasp fully. Not so much what they are and why, but more the ability to apply those modal tones within music.

Good luck with your videos!


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Hi John, good to hear from you.

I had a good fathers day. Me and the kids went out for a nice lunch with my dad, then I was allowed up the pub!

I would just say that different people learn at different speeds. 9 months is not all that long really.

You may find that you are very close to "the penny dropping" and everything falls together for her, then again, it may not happen for a while yet - but it sounds to me you are doing your best to keep repeating the information, in a variety of creative ways to not make it boring.

So hats off to you - you sound like a dedicated guitar teacher which is great to hear.

My advice, for what it's worth, is to just keep at it and with both yours and her dedication you will get there!


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Yes that is definitely the note. Though looking at this it is played lower down the neck



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Thanks for this - it is almost spot on but I hear a difference between the first two chords in the recording, so unless I am hearing something that isnt there - which I may be?!!?


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No, It is the intro I can't work out. I know it is simple but I cannot find where they are playing it!


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Cannot find any tabs for it.

The riff seems to be something based around E - A - Asus 4 (or maybe D)

I can't seem to work it out though! Hopefully James can help...


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Yep. That and the main riff. I can't work it out!!

I cannot work out how this riff is being played


Can anyone help?



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Hi Rea

Welcome - nice to have you here.

Just checked out a couple of your videos. Like Polyal says - good no nonsense tutorials. I do like the clean sound you get out of your JC-120!

Keep us posted with your new videos!


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jamesd74 wrote:

no need to go dancing all over frets to get great songs

This is so true. There are so many great songs that are nothing more intricate that a few standard chords. It is the way they are played, the rhythm, the timing, the melody that makes it great - that is something that reading music isn't necessarily going to help you with!!